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Finding is a series of video/object collage produced by Anna Bradfield and Gary Dusek. Finding invites people to participate in the dialogue that is historically the private realm of the artist - the process. Moreover, in doing so it debunks the myth that the art maker is master. Rather, Finding proposes that the work is something the artist finds; often through a random process of discovery, appropriation and assemblage.

This concept is embodied in a moving visual art installation produced by filming the process of creating a work of assembled objets trouvés. This film is projected onto the final 3D canvas that was the physical result of this process. In a last movement, the finished assemblage is painted white, as the work found itself resolved.

The physical aspect of the work was created using found objects, from canvases found on the street to a donation from a deceased artist. This action was in keeping with the random nature of discovery and inspiration. These elements were then assembled into a large scale collage while being filmed at their approximated projected positions. The finished film was then processed and looped  just as the artist begins the cycle again and again. The combined elements blur the line between the static and the virtual.

The artifacts of this process are arranged on the wall to correspond with their positions in the projection, recreating the effect of digital video mapping in analog. The result was the shifting interplay of juxtaposed ideas; of movement and form, impermanence and structure, process and output, real objects and their captured images, inherent identity and meaning through relation, chaos and connection.

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