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I became interested in interior design through the sculptural arts, striving to bring layered meaning to an object or environment through literary, material, aesthetic, and spatial means. I enjoy creating moods, provoking thought, and challenging convention through 3rd and 4th dimensional manifestation. I desire to create habitats that are healthy and humanistic: spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Equity, sustainability, and user experience are the core of my values. I am challenged by unsustainable and ecologically damaging materials, systems, and practices. I feel compelled to address these issues head-on by designing holistically and sourcing appropriately whenever possible. I see the universe as connected, scaled systems that we must honor and facilitate. Social, economic, and ecological networks are spheres which can be enabled and connected in interior spaces.


To these ends, I employ all the skills at my disposal; integrating ancient practices, adaptive design thinking, and high technology to meet the challenge of proposing a new, better environment.

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