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An heirloom is a convergence of experience, heritage, and the material. Intangible memories, methods of cooking, plants and ingredients that are on the verge of extinction or have been forgotten, senses of home, and cultural traditions are also heirlooms worthy of preservation and rediscovery. The word implies family, sharing, belonging, and community.    Heirloom is a concept space that seeks to occupy this intersection; a place where the stories of food, heritage, and the furnishings of the home connect and can be experienced in context.

At the core, Heirloom is a restaurant, bar, and café where guests can enjoy recipes gathered from (and sometimes prepared by) members of surrounding community, with ingredients that reflect a deep interest in food anthropology and heirloom varietals. The food, the objects used to serve it, and the ambiance of the space drive the story we wish to tell: history and culture on a human scale.

Housewares, furniture, and kitchen sundries are for sale in the dedicated retail space featuring the goods of local artisans, the products of the community, refirbished second hand, and curated consignment. The retail program is distributed throughout the space. The greenhouse supplies the kitchen with heirloom produce, greens, and herbs while also acting as a platform for education and outreach to the Red Hook community.

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