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"On 9 November, Hauser & Wirth unveiled the Rottenbar, a permanent installation created by Argentina-born, New York-based artist Mika Rottenberg. Made from carved bittersweet vines and reclaimed plastic that Rottenberg molds, extrudes and presses into sculptural forms, the Rottenbar—from conception to production—suggests the artist’s studio can be an incubator for a regenerative circle of creation and consumption.



The vines are carved by artist Max Bard, who takes into consideration the unique shapes of this odd squiggly wood, thus adding value to an otherwise ‘worthless’ timber. Circular production system and plastic fabrication developed and implimented by Gary Dusek. Production and design were supported by Garlan Miles and additional plastic was sourced by Cora Quinlan. The plastics collection team at IGCT consists of NYC Housing Authority residents and is led by Brigitte Charlton-Vicenty, Founder of Inner City Green Team Economic and Environmental Development."

-HAUSER & WIRTH (2023)

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